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The teens are doing it for themselves, hunty! Zendaya bucked all the trends at this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards, wearing Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, and Free People.


Continuing to prove she’s a young fashion icon in the making, actress/singer Zendaya Coleman bucked current trends and did her own stylish thing on the orange carpet of Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards 2014.

With a perfectly coiffed high bun paired with heavy bangs hairstyle, and the most beautiful shade of deep matte red on her lips, Zendaya had the foundation set for what would be the most unique, fashionably risky look of the night.

The Dancing With the Stars runner-up went high end, low end, and back to high end with her outfit which included an Oscar de la Renta pearl embellished knit top ($1890), Free People denim cutoff shorts ($68), and a pair of Chanel patent leather and cotton sock high boots from their Spring 2014 collection.

Considering the event was the KCAs where celebs are regularly slimed, and the atmosphere is all about bright colors and kids having fun, Zendaya’s quirky ensemble was decidedly appropriate.

Zendaya joins a string of starlets including Elle Fanning and Kylie Jenner who are proving Young Hollywood knows how to have fun with fashion.