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It’s a trend! Capes are the new ‘it’ outerwear of choice for winter 2010/11


Forget coats. For winter 2010/11, it’s all about the cape. That’s right, coats are out, and capes are in. Not to be confused with its cousin the poncho, capes are similarly sleeveless outerwear garments, that unlike ponchos, are open down the center, and fasten just like a normal coat. They’ve been around for centuries, as early as medieval Europe, but capes are making a modern era comeback amongst celebrity fashionistas.

Janelle Monáe, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kelly Rowland, have all been spotted out and about recently wearing capes, and with their different style aesthetics, all three ladies show off exactly how versatile this particular garment is. You can go a traditional route like Kourt, or for the dramatic like Janelle, or do casual comfort like Kelly in her T by Alexender Wang hooded cape.

The point is, whatever your style, there’s a cape out there for you. For some contemporary cape options, see below. But if you have an itch for something a bit more vintage, eBay will be your best friend.

  • Nathalie March 29, 2011, 4:48 pm

    Who was bringing Capes back in fashion? Yes, Tilla Lindig with HAPPYCOATS.com by Tilla Lindig!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ash November 13, 2010, 1:33 am

    I’ve always wanted a long Georgian cape, sigh. I think I might add one of those to my closest.