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Vanessa Hudgens wears a Spirit Hoods unisex wolf full hood. Would you?


It’s cold outside, and that means outerwear is being pulled out of closets, and layers are being added to outfits. Forced to cover up, celebrities are coming up with creative ways to spice up their wardrobes, and High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens decided to do that with a Spirit Hoods unisex wolf full hood.

Faux fur is a big trend for winter this year. We’ve seen it on celebs in the form of vests, jackets, and even on footwear. Vanessa’s hood is a decidedly unique take on the trend. Not only is it instantly attention grabbing, but it’s also a bit cheeky with its costume like animal ears.

This is another one of those celebrity wardrobe pieces, that isn’t for everyone. If you’re going to walk around in public with an animal on your head, you need to have a certain level of self confidence, because you will draw more than a few stares. If you think you’re bold enough though, Singer22 has a full line of Spirit Hoods unisex full hoods, ranging in animals from the wolf, which Vanessa is wearing, all the way to the fox, which was spotted on Khloe Kardashian a few weeks back.