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Tika Sumpter wears a cropped sweater and high waist short shorts in the summer. Would you?


We know cropped tops are the ‘it’ trend for summer. We’ve seen them on every Hollywood fashionista from Rihanna, to Jessica Szor, to Leona Lewis, to Rihanna again, and again. The trend as it’s been worn so far, is a great way to show off a little skin during the hot summer months, without crossing the line into tacky territory.

Gossip Girl and The Game actress Tika Sumpter took a different approach to the trend though, opting to pass on baring a bit of midriff, by pairing her cropped sweater with high waist denim shorts. At a NYC preview of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music, instead of showing off toned abs, Tika showcased her toned legs.

If you’re not up to exposing your abs, Tika’s take on the cropped top trend is a great alternative on how to wear the look.

images via The YBF