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Tika Sumpter shines in Bill Blass Fall 2012 at an NYC screening of ‘Sparkle.’


Taking the name of her new film to heart, actress Tika Sumpter shined in a gold Bill Blass Fall 2012 gown at an NYC screening of Sparkle. It takes a lot of skill to work a sheer dress with undergarments purposely peeking through, and make it look classy. Yet with great poise, and a brilliant smile, Tika manages to work it out.

Wisely, she didn’t add any accessories to her look (minimalism seems to be a ‘thing’ lately), as with a dress that’s this shimmery on its own, anything extra would take away from the overall effect.

Tika’s star has been steadily on the rise since she parted ways with daytime drama One Life to Life, leading her to land roles on Gossip Girl, The Game, and film Think Like a Man. Can’t wait to see what’s next for the actress, both style-wise and career-wise.

[ Photos: zimbio, vogue.it ]