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Selita Ebanks is ‘The Phoenix’ in Kanye West’s Runaway


Former Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks had a starring role in Kanye West’s music video/short film, Runaway. The Caymanian beauty plays a phoenix who falls to Earth, only to be found by Mr. West. What proceeds is an ill-fated love affair between the musician and the bird, with everyone around them discriminating against the mythical creature, because of her out of the norm looks and behavior.

The 35 minute movie is everything you’d expect from a Kanye West creation– visually stunning, ambitious, unique, and definitely creative. Selita, who Kanye calls his muse, is as beautiful as ever, and it’s a wonder that she doesn’t get more modeling work.

If you missed it, check out Runaway below, along with more pics of Selita’s starring role in the film.

selita-ebanks-runaway-08 selita-ebanks-kanye-west-runaway-011 selita-ebanks-kanye-west-runaway-013 selita-ebanks-kanye-west-runaway-012