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Sarah Michelle Gellar on the set of Ringer carries an Alexander McQueen bag that’s as big as she is.


Buffy’s back! Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is making a return to television this fall, with a new show on The CW called Ringer, and so far the buzz is all positive. She plays a woman who assumes the identity of her estranged identical twin sister, after said sister’s untimely death.

If it sounds a bit convoluted, that’s because it is. But trust me, the teaser clips for the show prove it’s better than what the plot outline would suggest. Who cares about that though, let’s talk fashion.

While she waits on her post-Buffy tv debut, Sarah is hard at work on the L.A. set of her new show, and she’s doing it in style.

During a recent filming session, she was spotted carrying an Alexander McQueen ‘De Manta’ large leather tote bag that’s almost as big as she is.

In recent fashion seasons, handbags have been trending on the small side, but maybe this is a sign that they’re moving back toward the ‘bigger is better’ end of the style spectrum.

Ringer must have quite the wardrobe budget, because the ‘De Manta’ retails for $1,195 at Saks.

More than likely though, the bag is on loan, or maybe it’s a piece from Sarah’s personal collection. Either way, she’s one lucky girl to be able to have access to designer gear at work. If you’re loving Sarah’s Alexander McQueen bag, but looking for something at a better price point, see below for some lower end options.

  • Honey July 26, 2011, 5:07 pm

    That is a huge ugly celebrity bag :| ha.