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Runway v. Celebway featuring Paula Patton, Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan, and Mischa Barton


Paula Patton in Gucci

While both actress Paula Patton, and the Gucci model where this dress well, I think I’ll give it to Paula. I like both the looser fit and slightly longer length on Paula’s dress. Plus, I think Paula’s shoes are a better match with the dress than those of the model.

Jennifer Lopez in Lanvin

First off, only Jennifer Lopez could attempt to pull of a look like this. To wear this dress, you must have just as much style as you have attitude, and Miss Lopez definitely has both. Again I’m gonna go with the celebrity on this one. You’d think that Jennifer’s necklace would clash with the neckline of her dress, but surprisingly it works extremely well on her. Ultimately, I think what sets Jennifer apart is the attitude in which she wears this dress.

Lindsay Lohan in Chanel

Here we see Lindsay Lohan wearing two of her favorite things– Chanel, and her Miu Miu mary janes. This is one pairing in which I think the model wears the look best. While Lindsay’s mary janes and black stockings don’t look bad, the dress looks much better on the model paired with bare legs and open toe shoes. I also think the model’s updo allows the dress to be seen. The sequin detailing on Lindsay’s dress is completely lost in her hair.

Mischa Barton in Ralph Lauren

Actress Mischa Barton tends to like dresses like this gold Ralph Lauren frock– drop waists, and a loose fit. Here, I don’t think either the model or Mischa best each other. I guess it just comes down to styling. Does the dress look better with Micha’s round toe pumps, or with the model’s strappy heels? I think I’ll give it to Mischa, but this one is really just too close to call.

Did I get it right? Who do you think looks best?