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Rihanna Shops Louis Vuitton Wearing All Black

Rihanna rocks her best ‘good girl gone bad’ outfit to do some shopping at the Louis Vuitton store in Paris, France. Wearing a black, ruffled sweater, black latex/leather/pvc (whatever they are, lol) tights, and black heels, Rihanna looks decidedly Parisian chic. I’m personally not a fan of wearing tights as pants, but I think that Rihanna wears them as well as anyone could. If you’re brave enough to recreate Rihanna’s look (go Batch!), then it’s incredibly easy. Just take a pair of your favorite black tights, add a black sweater and black boots, and you’re good to go.

  • tweety b

    i love this look those tights are the bomb……… dont mention that top loving it…. to all those haters FUCK OFF dont hate the player hate the game

  • Anonymous

    weel i should say to wanna baby* that she/he wanna go. rihanna is perfecttttttt.


    this BIOTCH makes me sick at times.
    this same damn look every fuckin' time!
    hair, boots, & glasses…LOVE!
    that sweater has to go; & so do those yeast infection pants.

  • Anonymous

    I love the sweater!!!Please tell me where I can buy the cute number!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i dont like it….to much, the ruffles and the leather..its a no no!!!

  • VOD

    Love it. All of it. One of my favorite fashonistas.

  • Kani Ladies

    I love this look on her!!!

  • Trendy Gourmandise

    i like this outfit ! very grrrrrr !lol

  • A*E*

    Does chick ever have a bad day? Rhi Rhi is fabulous!

  • dailyfan!

    WHO IS HER DAMN STYLIST!!! i know that chica is getting paid…cause everyday is a photo opp for ms. rhi rhi! i know rhi rhi ain’t getting doe like that, blowing it on outfits every chance she gets…. ugh ..i’m jealous can’t you tell.. one day… sigh.

  • **Star

    lol…she’s having a hard time with her hands…looks like… they’re weird in each picture…