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Just like Miranda Kerr loves her DITA ‘Condors,’ it looks like Rihanna loves her DITA ‘Magnifique’ sunglasses.


You know you’ve hit the celebrity big time, when your every move is documented by the paparazzi. And for any paparazzi followed starlet, a pair of stylish sunglasses are a must. And when you’re the kind of fashionably forward starlet that Rihanna is, sunglasses must not only perform a paparazzi camera shielding function, but they must also be stylish.

With those two major requirements, it’s no wonder that Rihanna is a fan of her ‘Magnifique’ sunglasses ($350) from DITA Eyewear, the same brand that’s favored by Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr. Rihanna’s recently worn her shades during several pap heavy occasions, like leaving and arriving to the airport, and taking a simple stroll through the streets of London.

The shades definitely serve their function, shielding Riri from the glare of the photographers’ cameras, but they also manage to add an instant bit of drama to any outfit she’s worn them with. Get Rih’s DITA ‘Magnifique’ sunglasses from Shopbop for $350.

See below for a few DITA Eyewear options, and be sure to check out the DITA website.

[ photos: zimbio ]
  • Lala Land September 13, 2012, 11:18 pm

    Cute shades.

  • @hautechicago September 12, 2012, 4:27 am

    Just like Miranda Kerr loves her DITA ‘Condors,’ it looks like Rihanna loves her DITA ‘Magnifique’ sunglasses.: … http://t.co/YDvZFdz0

  • @MikaliGal September 12, 2012, 12:39 am

    Just like #MirandaKerr loves her DITA ‘Condors,’ it looks like #Rihanna loves her DITA ‘Magnifique’ sunglasses. http://t.co/B2YggxFk