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The only two outfits worth mentioning from the 2013 MTV VMAs: Holland Roden in Naeem Khan and Joan Smalls in Viktor & Rolf


The MTV Video Music Awards used to be an excellent barometer for gauging what’s hot and what’s not amongst the Young Hollywood set. These days…not so much.

There was a lot to see at this year’s event, most of it either a little too perfect or a little too over the top, much like the show itself.

The VMAs have always been about flashiness and spectacle, but for the last few years there’s been something forced and try hard about it all. Or maybe I’m just getting old.

Nevertheless, amongst the red-carpet sea of been there done that, there were a couple of fashion standouts at the 2013 MTV Video Music AwardsTeen Wolf star Holland Roden in Naeem Khan and supermodel Joan Smalls in Viktor & Rolf.


Holland Roden continues to earn my style admiration one red-carpet at a time. She and her stylist make unexpected fashion choices that separate Holland from the rest of her up-and-coming cohorts.

Following in the footsteps of her Young Hollywood Awards Ted Baker floral print ensemble, Holland again donned pants on the red-carpet, this time to dramatic effect.

Her Naeem Khan Resort 2014 creation may have been better suited for a more formal affair, with its intricate mirrored beadwork and full, taffeta overskirt.

But when you’re an actress still trying to establish yourself in Hollywood, you have to make the most of whatever red-carpet opportunities that arise, and that’s exactly what Holland did.


Where Holland Roden has to make the most of her style moments whenever she finds them, Joan Smalls’ entire career is built around style moment after style moment, as she’s paid to offer the best presentation possible of a designer’s work.

That’s kind of what being a supermodel is all about.

Due to the nature of Joan’s career, she’s expected to bring high glamour wherever she turns up.

It’s her off duty style though, that truly sets Joan apart from the rest of her model cohorts. She has a genuine eye for fashion.

And at this year’s VMAs, Joan’s epic sense of style was on full display.

The Puerto Rican beauty made quite the fashion statement wearing a white leather mini dress from the Viktor & Rolf Fall 2013 collection.

On anyone else Joan’s frock would’ve amounted to nothing more than a dressier version of tennis whites.

But on Joan the look is elevated by an on trend plum lip color, chunky gold chain, and a badass pair of Casadei belted calfskin ‘Blade One’ boots ($1,900).

[ photos: zimbio, style.com, hollandroden.us ]