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Leighton Meester takes a NSFW fashion risk in Marchesa Spring 2011.


I see London, I see France, I see Leighton’s underpants. Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester attended the Harry Winston Court Of Jewels Recreation Launch in NYC wearing a sheer lace jumper from the Marchesa Spring 2011 collection. With its extreme plunging neckline, open back, and exposed bum, Leighton’s look leaves little to the imagination.

Marchesa is known for making intricately detailed, stunning pieces, and this look is no exception. From the waist up. Everything below the sequin belt, ruins this look for Leighton. The makeup, the hair, the overexposure, that’s all debatable. But I think we can agree that this jumper would’ve made a much better dress. Leaving everything else as it is, modifying this look into a gown, would have infinitely improved things for Leighton.

What do you think though? Do you like Leighton’s look as is? Should it be a dress? Or is it hair and makeup that are ruining the look for you?

leighton-meester-marchesa-01 leighton-meester-marchesa-02 leighton-meester-marchesa-03 leighton-meester-marchesa-04

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  • Aub

    That look was not meant for her to wear. Period. It’s just not flattering. Plus the makeup’s too dark. Not feeling it.

  • Safiya

    I actually like it. Modifying it to a gown would’ve made he look staid and boring, I like that Leighton takes risks with her looks modifying the dress would’ve meant her look wouldn’t fit her style. I only have quibbles about three things; the hair needs to be up and off her hair/shouders, the lace briefs/panties needed to cover her bum and I would’ve preferred a different (simpler) shoes.

    • Norell Alesse

      I do appreciate that Leighton took a fashion risk with this, and I am a fan of Marchesa. I think the three modifications you mentioned were spot on.

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  • Ash

    I agree with you 100%! This would have made a great dress.
    Leighton looks a mess. *smh* Did she even look in her mirror before she left the house? Did she even see her reflection in the limo glass, before she got into the car? Did she not see the driver give her the side eye, when he opened the door to let her out?

    • LOL! :)

    • Norell Alesse

      LOL, the back of the jumper is killing me softly though. Girl…