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Leighton Meester plays peek-a-boo in Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 at the premiere of ‘Country Strong’


Leighton Meester’s new movie, Country Strong, had its Nashville, TN premiere on Tuesday night, and the young starlet hit the red carpet in a daring Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 creation. Like the rest of the Marc Jacobs collection, Leighton’s berry and black, crochet/macramé dress had a 70s feel to it, that she manages to balance with simple hair, and minimal makeup.

On the runway the dress leaves little to the imagination, only a pair of black briefs keeps model Fei Fei Sun from exposing everything. But Leighton wisely decided not to go full on exhibitionist, and modified her dress to include a black underskirt, instead of just the briefs. What’s difficult to tell though, is if her dress has a nude lining at the bust, or if Leighton is simply wearing pasties.

Ultimately, I have a feeling that his Leighton look will either be loved, or loathed, with no middle of the road opinions.

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  • Ash November 13, 2010, 1:37 am

    I love the dress on the runway, but I don’t particularly care for it on Leighton. I think she should have worn her hair down or maybe in slick pony, but idk, just not like that hair. The hair is to simple for the dress. She could be going to the Republican National Convention with that hair.