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Inspired Style: Kim Kardashian wearing Givenchy sandals puts her best fashion foot forward.


Okay, so maybe these aren’t the best shoes to wear during the third trimester of one’s pregnancy, but you can’t deny their flyness. Kim Kardashian wearing Givenchy sandals from the fashion house’s Spring 2013 collection, stepped out for a little mother-daughter bonding time with mom Kris, and set the internet abuzz with chatter over her choice of footwear.

It looks just a smidge uncomfortable, but Kim is determined not to let her pregnancy impede her high fashion style. Her outfit is head-to-toe Givenchy, from the open sleeve midi dress ($1757), to the much talked about ‘Albertina’ pvc and leather podium heels ($2950).

Look past Kim’s styling of these shoes, and you’ll notice they’re actually pretty fly. If the nearly $3,000 price tag isn’t in your budget though, the Jeffery Campbell ‘Not There’ sandal (pictured above) offers the same sophisticated detailing of the original Givenchy shoe at a mere fraction of the cost.

Get the ‘Not There’ sandal from Nasty Gal for $135.

[ Photos: Zimbio ]