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Inspired Style: Kim Kardashian in Alexander McQueen is given the boot by Prince at his NYC concert.

Note to self: If you’re ever lucky enough to have the legend that is Prince invite you up on stage at one of his concerts, and he then proceeds to ask you to dance…you better shake what your mother gave you. Unfortunately Kim Kardashian didn’t get that memo, and when that exact scenario happened to her at Prince’s Madison Square Garden concert Monday (Feb 7) night, and she didn’t do as The Purple One asked, she was promptly given orders to remove herself from the stage.

No worries though, while Kim K might be a little red faced after the incident, we hear she was later invited back on stage, and given a second chance to prove herself. Plus, the reality tv starlet managed to look great throughout it all, in an Alexander McQueen long sleeved bodycon dress, paired with Christian Louboutin ‘Maggie’ platform heels.

Though it lacks the intricate Samurai print of the original McQueen dress, Topshop’s multicoloured tie dye bodycon dress is an excellent alternative, if you’re interested in recreating Kim’s look. With the same color scheme, and the same figure hugging silhouette, the Topshop dress is a budget friendly option for creating a high end look. Get it from Topshop for $70.