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They’re multiplying. The littlest ‘Kardashian’ sisters are getting in on the family money making, too.


You just can’t keep a good ‘Kardashian’ down. The reality tv family, who’s been plagued with drama since the dissolution of family star Kim Kardashian’s seventy-two day marriage, continue to keep on keeping on. Not letting a little thing like negative press and public backlash derail their money making train, the family is putting the youngest ‘Kardashians,’ Kendall and Kylie Jenner to work.

Jewelry and accessories company Glamhouse just announced a deal with Kim K’s youngest sisters to design a fashion jewelry line that will be aimed at teens. The line is set to make its debut Fall 2012, and will see a $19.99-$69.99 pricepoint.

Glamhouse founder and President Pascal Mouawad says he’s been looking to expand into the teen market for a while now, and that Kendall and Kylie are the perfect duo for such a venture.

“With their popular show on E! Entertainment Television, millions of teenagers look to Kendall and Kylie for style advice, so they were truly a perfect fit for the company and I’m thrilled to partner with them.”

The Kardashian Klan definitely aren’t afraid of a little thing called over saturation. Will you be buying Kendall and Kylie’s yet to be named jewelry line once it makes its debut?