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Dubbed ‘The Hottest Supermodel on Earth’ by Vogue US, Kate Upton covers the mag’s June 2013 issue.


While fashion snobs across the globe cry out in frustration, I’m quietly cackling with glee. Swimsuit model Kate Upton has managed to do what many a runway model has not, and that’s nab a HIGHLY coveted spot on the cover of Vogue Magazine.

Miss Upton covers the June issue of Vogue US, where she’s crowned ‘The Hottest Supermodel on Earth’ by the magazine. That’s a bold declaration that’s sure to get folks talking.

If you didn’t know, Kate’s a polarizing figure in the fashion industry, with many believing she doesn’t belong there.

Whether that’s true or not is up for debate, but the Michigan native is getting the last laugh regardless, with not one, but two Vogue covers under her belt. Her Vogue US cover girl debut follows her turn as the January 2013 cover subject of Vogue UK.

As Kate’s editorial career has gradually moved from swimsuit to high fashion, she continues to improve her skill set. These latest Vogue pics, which were lensed by photographer Mario Testino, are some of Kate’s best work to date.

The images call to mind that ’90s era of modeling, when being pretty and girl next door approachable, was the industry standard, a standard that allowed the supers to become Supers.

Perhaps Vogue is on to something, in dubbing Kate a supermodel this early in her career. She’s got the looks. She’s got the personality. And most importantly, she has a fandom that extends beyond the circle of those who closely follow fashion, and into the mainstream.

[ photos: vogue ]