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Kate Upton scores the cover of the January 2013 issue of Vogue UK, fashion elitists remain pressed.


Basic. Boring. Bland. Common. Average. Overweight. Really? Yes, really. Hop onto any fashion forum or website, and these are the words most often used to describe model Kate Upton. It’s as if the fashion obsessed are personally offended by Kate’s rise from swimwear, to high fashion model.

It says a lot about the industry, or more specifically the people who call themselves fans of said industry, when a woman who looks like this is deemed ‘average’. If anything, Kate’s Vogue UK cover is very reminiscent of the ’90s era of the Supermodel, an era most model watchers claim they’d like to return to.

Kanye shrug.

Industry higher ups are giving no cares whatsoever about what fashion fans think of Miss Upton, as it seems they’ve taken a liking to the former swimsuit model. This is Kate’s second Vogue cover of the year (following Vogue Italia), while many established models have yet to nab any of the coveted spots.

[ photos: vogue uk ]