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Jaime King is a fan of the Prada wing-tip platform espadrille oxfords, aka ‘Creepers,’ too.


Following in the trendsetting footsteps of fashionably forward famous folks (try saying that three times fast) like Rihanna, actress Jaime King is the latest celebrity to be spotted wearing a pair of Prada wing-tip espadrille oxfords, also known as ‘Creepers.’

Rihanna wore her Prada Creepers with a more casual, laid back look. But Jaime, attending the Carrera Sunglasses Escape LA at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, proved the shoe’s versatility by pairing them with a little white dress.

Her cream cap-sleeve dress is from the soon to be released Banana Republic Mad Men capsule collection, and with its delicate lace and girly silhouette, gives Jaime’s oxfords a decidedly softer feel.

Maybe you weren’t convinced when you saw Rihanna in her creepers, but now Jaime has you sold. If that’s the case, get your own pair of Prada creepers exclusively from Saks for $795. Don’t want to spend that much on something that’s so trendy? Try Topshop or Asos for very much lower priced alternatives, or see below for even more options.