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DW by Kanye West Spring 2012 RTW


The rumors were true. It was probably one of the most anticipated, and talked about shows of Paris Fashion Week (and there are still days of PFW to go!), but finally after all the rumors and all the speculation, Kanye West presented his first ever women’s ready-to-wear collection — DW by Kanye West.

With a front row filled with some of fashion’s heaviest hitters, including Anna Wintour, Alexander Wang, Dean and Dan Caton of Dsquared, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, there was a lot of pressure on Kanye to deliver what some felt should be the most amazing of amazaing-est fashion shows evah.

Did ‘Ye live up to those expectations? Well, I think he presented a more than capable collection, especially considering he’s a first time designer.


Kanye showed a Spring 2012 collection, but you’d definitely be forgiven for thinking you were looking at a show during Fall Fashion Week. There was a lot of leather, a lot of fur, and a lot of heavy knits. In addition there was a hemline or two that trended way on the too short side. But despite all of this (or perhaps because of it), it was a cohesive presentation of luxe minimalism, that included pieces that are actually wearable.

This may be a dissenting opinion, but I was pleased with the collection (I LOVED the footwear).

I’m not sure what people wanted from this collection. As I’ve already mentioned, Kanye is a first time designer, so expecting couture level expertise is kind of silly. Maybe critics wanted something flashy? Over the top? Loud?

Yes, Kanye of a few years ago was all those things and more, but maybe it’s gone unnoticed that he hasn’t been any of those things for a while now. The collection he presented today was a reflection of the man he currently is — a man who doesn’t say much anymore, and prefers to let his work (music, and now fashion) do all the speaking that’s necessary.

The true test of Kanye’s skills as a designer, will be how his brand grows and matures with each fashion season. I, for one, look forward to DW by Kanye West Fall 2012. What about you?