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Inspired Style: Denise Vasi on the set of Single Ladies wears a striped crop top and pencil skirt ensemble.


If you’re not watching VH1’s Single Ladies, then what are you waiting for? Sure, it’s a little cheesy. Yes, it’s a lot soapy. And the acting is kind of…meh. But if for no other reason, Single Ladies is worth a spot on your DVR list for the fashion alone.

Under the creative guidance of Project Runway alum Anthony L. Williams, Single Ladies has become cable’s secret fashion gem.

The show revolves around three professional women— Raquel, Keisha, and April— who are single (natch), and Anthony does an excellent job of creating fashion forward looks for three characters that can be easily translated in the real world.

Too often tv shows feature excellent fashion ensembles that don’t work anywhere beyond the confines of the soundstage or the red carpet.

But Anthony has managed to consistently construct outfits that might be fashion forward, but could be easily worn by us ‘regular’ women.

Case in point, Denise Vasi (who plays Raquel on the VH1 show) wore a striped two piece cropped top and pencil skirt ensemble that easily attainable.

How attainable? Anthony reveals he found the striped dress (yes, it was originally a dress) at a T.J. Maxx, and had the brilliant idea of altering it to become the two piece outfit worn by Denise.

If you don’t have the time or the skills to attempt your own DIY creation, see above for alternative options to Denise/Raquel’s ‘custom’ design, like the
Torn by Ronny Kobo ‘Emma’ Crop Top ($198) and matching ‘Ronny’ skirt ($190}.

And while you’re deciding which version of this stripes on stripes look deserves a home in your wardrobe, check out Anythony’s VH1 interview where he explains his process for choosing outfits that reflect each character’s distinct look/personality:

[ photos: vh1, revolve. video: vh1 ]