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Back in style? Cut-off denim shorts courtesy of Siwy


While never having gone completely out of style, cut-off denim shorts have been flying under the fashion radar in recent seasons. That all might be about to change though, as several fashionably conscious celebs have been spotted wearing the throwback denim look in recent weeks.

Not only have Hilary Duff, Heidi Klum, Rachel Bilson, and others been rocking cut-off shorts, all the ladies have also been wearing shorts by the same high end denim brand, Siwy.

The Siwy ‘Camilla’ denim short features a higher back rise, a 2.5″ inseam, and a frayed hem that won’t shorten or thin no matter how many times you wash them. It’s a great laid back and casual short that you could pair with just about anything. Take in the three distinct ways Hilary, Heidi, and Rachel chose to wear their Siwy shorts as inspiration.

Hilary wears the Siwy ‘Camilla’ in Come Away with Me, Heidi in Desert Rose, and Rachel in Fall in Love. The shorts cost around $150 and are available from several retailers which you can find below. That may seem a bit pricey for jeans, but imagine how many different ways you can wear these. They’ll pay for themselves in no time.