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Covergirls…Raven Symone in Ebony

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Former ‘Cosby kid’ Raven Symone graces the latest cover of Ebony Magazine. In the article accompanying the pics, Raven speaks about how she’s worth $400 million, as a result of her work with Disney. Between the Cheetah Girls movies, That’s So Raven, and her perfume line, she’s done well with Disney. I love Raven because she’s a role model for little girls, showing that you don’t have to be super skinny to be successful in the entertainment industry. Clearly life after The Cosby Show has been great for her.

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  • dimisa blount

    hey raven aka rae,
    my name is Di'Misa aka DC's best n baddest chik evr…. email mi @ yungluvr_1984@yahoo.com
    thanks a lot

  • Clint Dogg

    Id marry this chick in a second.

  • Anonymous

    hey rae ure sooooooooooooo cool.
    ure fan from dc dimisa d.ward
    15 yrs old in 10th grade

  • ravens biggest fan xxxx

    i’m only a kid myself and raven is a big role model for me she shown
    me and evryone else that you dont have to be super skinny to be famous. raven is so amazing and i hope she keeps up the hard work

    love: her biggest fan xx

  • Anonymous

    Another gorgeous cover. Love the black and white photo.

  • andrea

    I love that she’s done so well for herself. Go Raven!