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Covergirls…Ellen Degeneres

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Ellen Degeneres, America’s unlikely sweetheart, graces the latest cover of W Magazine. I think this is the best I’ve ever seen her look. I think Ellen is hilarious, but what you may not know is that she appreciates fashion just like the next batch.

“I usually wear Jil Sander, or I wear Marc Jacobs, or I wear Viktor & Rolf…. I love Raf Simons. I like Neil Barrett. I love clothes, so when I wear clothes, they’re usually somebody’s. You know, I’m not wearing Kmart.”

She even talks about how she feels somewhat slighted when she’s not asked about her fashion choices on the red carpet:
“Whenever Portia and I are on the red carpet, they’re yelling out for her to tell them what she’s wearing. But nobody cares [about what I’m wearing] because I have a suit on, even if it’s a Gucci suit. That to me is frustrating, because I put effort into getting ready too. But I guess it’s not as important, and I’m not as dressed up somehow.”

The article continues with Ellen speaking about what she may possibly wear to the Oscars, and she even discusses some of her fellow comedians.

  • Anonymous

    Personally I love the way she dresses because she seems comfortable you know and she nows what she likes.

  • Anonymous

    Well I am a lesbian, and I think she looks great, too! A totally unexpected, welcome covergirl!

  • Miss Yasmine

    I love Ellen and I’m not even a lesbian! I think it’s great that W Magazine, one of the industry’s most well respected, has made her a cover girl and ALSO shown Ellen to be a style conscious person on top of being funny as shit!