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The Christian Louboutin ‘Alta Bouton’ Ankle Boots Strike Again, This Time on Kim Kardashian


Looking a lot like older sister Kourtney, Kim Kardashian was seen walking the streets of NYC in a pair of celebrity fave, Christian Louboutin ‘Alta Bouton’ ankle boots. Third time makes it a trend, right? And this is at least the third time a celeb has treated the ‘Alta Bouton’ to some real world exposure, having first been seen on Victoria Beckham, then Sofia Vergara, and now Kim. I think we’ve found the official ‘it’ boot of fall.

If you want to make these Christian Louboutins yours, get them from Saks for $1495.

  • Ash October 12, 2010, 2:23 am

    *tear* Christian you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!! I just want you to know that I would gladly have your shoes… =)) If you made them in my size, and if I could afford purchase them, and also if I could afford to have Miss J to teach me how to walk in them. (I think I can wing that last thing without falling on my A Double S)