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Chanel Iman puts those VS skills to work, diving right into her sultry new role as Usher’s love interest in his Dive video.


Supermodel in the making Chanel Iman always had a strong idea of where she saw her career going. Victoria’s Secret Angel? Check. Multi-page, only girl editorials in high end fashion mags? Check. Fronting a fragrance camapaign? Check.

Now Chanel can check ‘making a scene stealing appearance in a high profile music video,’ off her to do list. The 5’10” beauty sizzles alongside Usher, in a new video for his latest song, Dive. She werqs that VS body, showing a level of chemistry with Usher, that makes me think miss Chanel might want to consider a second career as an actor.

You be the judge though, and watch Chanel in Usher’s Dive below:

[video: youtube ]