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Summer 2013 brought to you by the letters FP: Brandy makes a Whole Foods run decked out in Free People’s finest.


We’re well into the thick of summer, and as the temperatures rise, the celebs get more easy and breezy, definitely laid back, with their off duty looks. Gone are the six inch heels, instead replaced by sensible yet fashionable flats.

The silhouettes are losing their tight fits, with celebs going for looser, breathable options. Think music festival attire, but cleaner and with a bit of sophistication.

It should be no surprise then, that the company at the front of this ‘relaxed/no worries’ fashion revolution is none other than boho chic brand Free People.

In two weeks we’ve seen two celebs (who have vastly different style aesthetics for that matter) step out clad in head to toe Free People.

First up was Selena Gomez wearing Free People while out grabbing a bite to eat with a friend, and now we have The Game actress Brandy wearing the brand during a trip to Whole Foods.

Brandy went for a Free People twofer choosing the retailer’s signature voile and lace trapeze slip ($88) in white, which she wore beneath their ‘Circle in the Sand’ tee ($78).

Adding a printed scarf, bold blue Chanel handbag, and a pair of funky sandals, Brandy’s overall look is one of effortless style.

[ Photos: theybf ]