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Inspired Style: Beyoncé’s Helmut Lang date night jacket


She just makes it look so easy, doesn’t she? Throw on a pair of shorts, a casual tee, a quick blazer, and top it all with a hat, and you’ve got an instantly chic date night look.

Well, when you’re Beyoncé Knowles, and the date in question is husband Jay-Z, it’s not quite as simple as that. When you’re Beyoncé, that pair of shorts is made of black leather, the tee probably costs more than most people’s entire outfits, the blazer is from high end designer Helmut Lang, and the hat is a trendy pork pie hat.

On paper it’s a rather conventional outfit, but on Bey, it’s decidedly glamorous.

Her Helmut Lang blazer retails for $460 at Shopbop, but surprisingly Forever 21 has a near exact version of the blazer that ties Bey’s date night look all together, for only $35!

There are tons of alternative, lower end options available on the ‘net though, and you can check them out here:

[ Photos: zimbio, forever 21 ]