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Beyonce in Gucci Fall 2011 gives good Parisienne face for Harper’s Bazaar.

Beyonce’s Parisian excursion continues. The self proclaimed diva was spotted posing on the balcony of a room at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, France, reportedly for an editorial and cover of a future issue of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. Wearing a Gucci Fall 2011 rosette embellished halter dress that featured a transparent chiffon skirt, Beyonce was busy getting her model on, taking Tyra Banks’ ‘smile with your eyes’ advice to heart.

Her leaked single, Run The World (Girls), was officially released on iTunes yesterday, and while fans of the R&B star eagerly await the debut of the song’s video, it appears Beyonce is already on her promotional grind. Can’t wait to see how this editorial turns out, and also can’t wait to see what Beyonce will be sporting next.