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Angelina Jolie is the new Louis Vuitton ‘Core Values’ campaign celebrity spokesperson.

This is how Angelina Jolie does a Louis Vuitton ad. Barefoot and casual, wearing her own clothes, with only one tasteful piece from the infamous ‘LV’ monogrammed leather goods collection (yes, it’s her own ‘Alto’ bag), Angie does ‘poignant’ as only Angie can, for the Louis Vuitton ‘Core Values’ campaign.

From WWD:

Vuitton introduced the advertising concept in 2007 as a way to trumpet its travel roots and showcase its perennial monogrammed leather goods as a balance to its fashion-driven marketing — and to reach a broader audience.

Angie’s campaign is supposed to run for 18 months, and will begin appearing shortly inside the pages of various magazines, including Vanity Fair. She isn’t the only active ‘core values’ personality, either. Angelina’s ads will appear along with others that feature Bono and Sean Connery.



  • Ash August 16, 2011, 12:57 am

    I like the photo it’s beautifully simplistic. Angie knows how to take a photo.