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Alicia Keys graces the pages of Vogue Italia’s November 2010 issue.


New wife and new mom, Alicia Keys made a pre-baby appearance in the November 2010 issue of Vogue Italia magazine. Looking as glamorous as we’ve ever seen her, Alicia wears high end looks from designers like Miu Miu and Giorgio Armani. She’s a beautiful woman on any given day, but these shots of the R&B singer are particularly stunning. I especially love the pics featuring Alicia with the sleek, side parted hair, and deep red lipstick. It’s a decidedly different look for her, one that I think she should definitely give a try outside the mag.

With a new husband, a new baby, and a new look, I wonder if these changes signal a new era for Miss Keys.

alicia-keys-vogue-italia-november-01 alicia-keys-vogue-italia-november-02 alicia-keys-vogue-italia-november-03 alicia-keys-vogue-italia-november-04
alicia-keys-vogue-italia-november-05 alicia-keys-vogue-italia-november-06

Images via TFS

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