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I Want Those! Adrienne Bailon’s Badacious ‘1992’ Doorknocker Earrings

Last season it was statement necklaces; this season it’s all about the statement earring. Braxton sisters Trina and Tamar set the stage back in May at the reunion special for their WeTV reality show, both wearing a pair of POParazzi hoop earrings.

Rihanna followed suit last week in a pair of oversized vintage gold hoops that featured a pearl stud. Now former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon is getting in on the trend with a pair of attention commanding dangle earrings.

At the 2011 US Open Rock the Set concert at Terminal 5 in New York, Adrienne walked the green carpet wearing a pair of colorful doorknocker earrings from up and coming brand Badacious.

Called ‘1992’ the oversized hoops, with their mixed prints and gold accents, are inspired by fashion icon Gianni Versace. Besides being a fabulous accent to any outfit, the earrings are more than reasonably priced at $36. They’re currently sold out at the Badacious online shop (sadface), but according to the website, they’ll be back in stock soon.

  • shayshan

    She dates the Kardashian’s brother so she gets a “famous for not being famous” pass. LOL

    • Actually, she was known BEFORE anyone knew of any infamous, “famous for doing nothing” Kardashians! She was a member of girl r&b group 3LW and was also part of the Cheetah girls for Disney…so she doesn’t need a pass. She is a bonafide celebrity. NO attorney dad or reality show was needed to make her known. Look her up. Her achievements go beyond your recognition from Etv.

  • Ash

    I really like those earring.
    Inquiring minds want to know why she’s still being treated like a celebrity?

    • Norell Alesse

      The same reason folks like the Kardashians are, LOL.

  • love @Adrienne_Bailon ‘s @BADACIOUSNYC ‘1992’ earrings http://t.co/rJPM73o sad they’re sold out :(